Global attributes its 30+ years of success to a very simple and timeless approach; surround yourself with exceptional people who provide exceptional service with exceptional product. Global is proud to be a people-centric organization. 


Global Surveillance Associates was founded in 1987 and quickly became an industry leader providing effective and efficient solutions for customer’s security needs. For over 30 years, Global has remained at the forefront of all facets of security and surveillance. Global began its journey in Las Vegas, Nevada, with its primary focus in the gaming market but quickly expanded across the nation with immense success. The longevity in our partnerships with gaming enterprises speaks dividends about our team and the product we supply. No casino is too big or too small. From installation to consulting to service and maintenance to full system upgrades, Global is the premier integrating partner in gaming.

House of Worship

Houses of Worship have been a target for theft, vandalism, and violence. Global is here to help, having a reliable and visible surveillance system is a great deterrent, and will better help safeguard the staff, congregation, and attendees.


Airports, Train Stations, and Shipyards are sophisticated hubs that demand advanced surveillance solutions. Global takes into consideration that these transportation industries need indoor and outdoor surveillance; our long-range camera options will allow security staff to identify a breach in the dark of night. We have the ability to integrate surveillance, access control, temperature detection solutions, and gunshot detection capabilities within a single platform.


Global offers a tailored security package that helps create a streamlined integration for all areas of commercial facilities. Our access control, alarms, security cameras, intrusion detection, and thermal imaging combinations create an end-end option for our partners. Our system will help protect employees, reduce risk, secure inventory, and mitigate liability.


Unfortunately, there has been an increased need for suitable surveillance and security within schools in recent years. Global recognized the need and has spent years working with directors, principals, administrators, and industry leaders to establish the industry’s most secure and comprehensive solutions. Global takes great pride in our partnerships with educational establishments across the US and has partnered with the industry’s best manufactures to keep our most significant assets as safe as possible.


Hospitals and Healthcare facilities have seen an increased need for surveillance security with additional regulations and increased theft. From pharmaceuticals, medical records, insurance fraud, or expensive medical equipment, hospitals are left exposed both internally and externally. Global can customize our solutions to your specific needs to manage your precise risk.


Global has partnered with numerous public entities. From State buildings to water districts, our customized surveillance solutions have been a success. We offer a broad spectrum of surveillance options to help ensure public safety, deters vandalism, and minimizes daily security threats.